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Representative References and Testimonials

"Dr. Grossberg testified on Plaintiffs' behalf in a wrongful death/civil rights case that resulted in a $9M verdict in our client's favor.  She was well-versed in the facts of our case beforehand, well-prepared to meet the challenges of cross-examination, and persuasive and poised on the stand.  We would not hesitate to use her as an expert again and to recommend her to others."

Leslie O'Hara
Attorney at Law
Stinson, Morrison and Hecker, LLP
Phoenix, Arizona


"Dr. Lee Ann Grossberg has routinely provided invaluable forensic pathology expertise resulting in the fair and just resolution of several complex medical-legal cases. Dr. Grossberg's forensic analysis is both timely and scientifically sound, resulting in the optimal case-specific result."

Jim Jennings
Medical-Legal Attorney
San Antonio, Texas

Dr. Grossberg has been providing death investigation consultation to my company for over five years. During that time, she has consistently delivered thorough, well written, and comprehensive reports that provide the necessary information with explanations behind her determinations. She is able to look at cases from a wide range of angles and is quite adept at dissecting all available information to formulate cohesive and well-written opinions that answer the questions at hand.

Benjamin Gerson, M.D.
University Services
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania